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Our Service Capabilities

Solving the many challenges our clients had is the basis of why we started. Centering our offerings around technical skills with behavioural sciences, here's how we help meet your digital ambitions.

We understand the needs of your industry

Every industry has its quirks and traits. Our practical expertise and deep understanding on your industry's norms and trends has spurred our clients towards growth and success.


We adhere to Private Hospital And Medical Clinics (PHMC) & MOH advertising regulations to ensure healthcare institutions and private practitioners are in compliance with industry standards.


Our team of experts are experienced in creating user-friendly & intuitive e-commerce websites that are easy for customers to browse, search and purchase products.


We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges in the legal industry. Our tailored approach ensures that we understand your needs & your firm stands out from the competition.


Hoping to get more students to register for your classes? Achieve your marketing objectives by increasing lead generation. We help you grow your business by reaching out to the right audience.

Clients we've served



Vigorous Tests, Visible Results!

Karthik has impressed us with his philosophy of a long-term sustainable strategy for SEM.

Blinkonomics team has been working rigorously on multiple tests to give us the optimal keywords at the best rates. It may not be a quick yield process but we are steadily seeing the results.

Thank you Karthik and Blinkonomics! Here’s to a long and happy working relationship!

Dr. Yue Weng Cheu
DP Dental

Transparent & Responsive

I like that Blink does not charge paid ads by percentage of my budget but rather a fixed fee.

They do a lot of testings to find out what works for us without spending a bomb. I didn't know that the cost per click can be so affordable and with leads coming in, I'm very happy to continue my engagement with them.

Sharyln Neo
Sharyln & Co

Insightful & Responsive

From the time I engaged with Blink, their service has been top notch. All queries were addressed promptly with full transparency.

Karthik has been a great help with timely report that are quick and easy to understand. Thank you!

Anson Kuah
@ASK Training

Professional Team

Great company and professional in managing my start up tcheronline.com SEM.

Thank you Karthik and team for the professional advice and strategies. Very meticulous work done by you and your team.

Andrew Kang
TCHER Online

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