About Blinkonomics

When digital marketing is centred around technical skills and data analysis

Why we started

We felt that most of the agencies dealing with Google Ads did not truly understand it. We frequently get asked "Isn't that expensive?". Often, clients who setup their own campaigns were either scarred by spending too much or not getting results - or worse, both.

Our founders, having worked with Google Ads extensively, didn't buy it. We wanted to help clients succeed with Google Ads by focusing on a data driven and technical approach.

From the beginning we wanted technology and psychology to play a big part in our company. Our tech helps us test more than the average agency. And our consumer psychology grounding creates the basis of advice for improving ads and offers.

Today, we have expanded our offerings from merely SEM to areas such as SEO, custom built landing pages and websites.


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Our Ethos

We are here to build an agency that works on resolving the many challenges our clients have when engaging digital marketing agencies. We offer:


Transparent pricing


Consistent weekly reporting


Data driven approach


Flat fee model


Extensive testing


Regulation compliant advertising


Beginner friendly consults, reports and implementations

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Our Founders

Karthik Rames
Creative Director

Karthik is a self-driven, highly motivated individual with a great passion for digital marketing and a deep interest and training in psychology and human behaviour.

With 15 years of marketing experience under his belt, he has assisted companies from a multitude of industries in driving cost effective campaigns

Having attained a Master Practitioner in NLP, he conducts ongoing Google Ads Masterclasses for real estate agents from ERA & Huttons.

Google Ads, content marketing, copywriting & social media marketing strategies - if you are looking to succeed, he is more than willing to help your company to find the right customers.

Eugene Ching
Technical Director

Eugene has spent 15 years at the forefront of technology, specialising in the fields of data science & artificial intelligence (AI).

Starting from his small apartment, Eugene has since founded his own cybersecurity and AI company, Qavar. Over the years, he has built myriad systems for clients leveraging on big data and algorithms to predict human behaviour.

With Eugene's strong capabilities in solving complex problems, he has proceeded to co-found Blinkonomics and another cybersecurity company, Cyberlitmus.

During his breaktime, you can spot him grabbing a green tea from the fridge. And on a rare occasion, nibbling on a Toblerone chocolate.

Tey Miao Hui
Video Production/Content Creator
Sophiyanah David
Content Writer/Editor
Quek Qiao Hui
Web Engineer